Line Up


Puerto Viejo Stage: Located in the stands’ area, where specific tattoo activities will take place, such as, the tattoo contest, educational seminars, talks for SME’s, small and medium-sized companies, as well as a DJ in charge of the musical entertainment.

Cahuita Stage: Located in the ferial area, we will have a never-before-seen festival in these types of events. A continuous show of national and international music, circus shows, skate park, body suspensions, stand-up comedy, among other activities.

VIP Zone

Located in the ferial area, people with preferential tickets will be able to benefit of a personalized bar, access to private bathrooms, resting lounge to better enjoy the on-stage activities, have interactions with the guest artists and receive complimentary drinks

Miss Paradise

This is the most important beauty and body art contest in the region, showcasing talent, glamour and other qualities of tattooed and/or pierced girls. One of the sponsoring brands and the general public’s most anticipated contests.

Mister Paradise

The male figure has stood out in the world not only as a canvas for body art, but also as a representation of beauty, and in this 2024 event we will include this contest as part of our stage show.

Gastronomic area

The food truck culture will be present providing the best of their dishes and beverages for the delight of people of all ages.

Social assistance module

We are always on the lookout for organizations or social groups which have a specific need, focusing on providing them with a solution.

Seminar module

This last module is specific for tattoo artists and is the one in which we bring international speakers to share ideas, technique updates, and ways to improve from the artistic point of view

Live Music

 We have an incredible different line up all the 3 days, honoring the new name “Music Festival”.

Motor vehicle exhibition

In this area we will have classic cars and motorcycles on display, also, the first and only mobile tattoo studio in Costa Rica and Central America called Tattoo On Wheels.

Art zone

In this section, we will have canvases, as artists and visitors will be able to draw strokes and experience the art, as well as see live graffiti art.

Tattoo Contest

This segment has been always representative of all the conventions and is where the best tattoos of the event are rewarded in their different categories.

Photo Booth

 This is an area in which the guest artists will be spending time with each other, the event sponsors and the location where the press interviews, newspaper stories, radio, etc. will happen, which is why the brand’s exposure plays a very important role in this space.

Extreme sports area

Our event is also distinguished by having plenty of entertainment, which is why for the 2024 event we will include amateur and professional MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai fights, promoting sports and discipline that are trending and characterize the tattoo community.

Fair zone

This is part of the entertainment for the viewers to enjoy 3 days of family activities. Here is where we will have rides, a children’s area, a skate park, and much more

Drag Queen Show

In previous editions, we have been pioneers of inclusion, diversification and multicultural support. This is how the idea of a Drag Queen show arose, which in the previous edition received incredible support from the public thanks to the unique presentation of the artist, this show makes us laugh, interact, and brings us a message of respect, and breaking taboos, harm and discrimination.

On-stage interaction with the public

Our public is our best ally, which is why we stand out as the event that interacts with them, awards them for being part of a great event and thanks them for their visit with presents, contests and surprises courtesy of our sponsors.

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