Marine Richness

Year 2024

Paradise Tattoo Convention & Music Festival ® are focused to promove the national and international artist, the tourism, culture, diversity, inclusion and the growth of micro, medium, and large businesses that are our allies regarding the country’s development.

As every year, we focus on spreading this message, and for 2024 we will be represented by the “Marine Richness”.

The coexistence between humans and the marine world is something that we want to recognize in this edition with the representation of the green sea turtle.
Their nesting occurs in the Caribbean area during the month of July up until September, which is why welcome our 8th edition during this month, motivating the participants of our event to go and enjoy the cultural marvels that this territory of our country has to offer.
Costa Rica possesses five species of migratory marine turtles of high ecological value and that are indicators of the health of the oceans, allowing the development of tourist activities related to the observation of the nesting process, and simultaneously, an important economic and social development, not only locally but also regionally.
“we create art in a real Paradise”
Art: Braulio Bermúdez
IG: @brulios_b
Costarican Artist
Obra interpretada en Manzanillo, Caribe Sur de Costa Rica.


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