Year 2017

In Costa Rica, the pre-Columbian art was highlighted by different aboriginal groups that inhabited most of the territory of the North Pacific and the Central Region. It is in these areas that there have been found individuals with decorations on their thighs, shoulders, chests, and arms with linear motifs made with ceramic figures of cylindrical and flat shapes.

Hence the idea of being able to graphically reconstruct our interpretation of these individuals.

This art was placed on the body by means of pigments of plant origin with a certain viscosity that allows it to adhere both to the seal and the human skin.

The body decoration was done to represent groups and social roles, as well as a way to express their participation in festivities and communicating their emotional states to other people.

Obviously, the elaboration of the designs is not only done to communicate a motif, but it also allows an artistic creation of high aesthetic sense, just like modern tattoos. For this reason, we are proud to present two official posters: one created by our organization, and the other one made by the great exponent of art worldwide, Goethe Silva.

Thanks to the support and presence of the Paseo de los Museos (Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, National Museum of Costa Rica and Jade Museum), this edition will be a great educational experience.

Everyone is invited to visit them, learn about our history and traditions.


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