Year 2023

This time of absence allowed us to work tirelessly alongside the Health Ministry of Costa Rica, proposing projects and ideas to modify the regulations that prevented body art events from being held in the country.

Today, we celebrate this triumph with our official art: The roar of the Jaguar!

Just as the Jaguar, we are a species that works stealthily. Sometimes lonely, but it is imposing and aggressive in the constant fight to stray away from extinction.

Our art also raises awareness that the Jaguar is an emblematic species in Costa Rica, which inhabits protected areas and forests, being an important figure in the indigenous cultures of the country.

Its symbolism has been used to represent spiritual, social and ecological values, and its image has left a lasting footprint in the cultural identity of many communities throughout history.

We returned with bravery, power and more strength; so, we eagerly await you in our den so we can celebrate this victory together.


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